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A great visual video of fucking, cream pie eating, and ass licking.  It may be culture, but the “sex sounds” on this video from the guys seem a little over the top.  I’d turn the sound down (or off).


Was told I should be as loud as I usually am… Forgive me for fumbling a little bit, my hands were shaking ;)

Very personal self-shot female masturbation session.  Enjoy

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Two fabulous bodies. Watch his cock literally pump her pussy full of cum.

Very hot blowjob with a master-sub theme.  Does anyone know the actress?

Interesting video.  The videographer seems to really like this guys big cock, and he gives some interesting angles of it being sucked and dangling while he eats her pussy.  Enjoy. 

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you get a video from your wife’s phone while you wait downstairs in the bar. she made sure to get every last drop of his cum and wanted you to know.

Raw and sensual blowjob.  Has to swallow it all or the dress would be ruined.

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This video is sexy due to the way she laps up his cum and is reacting to what is happening to her pussy out of the frame.  



Just me getting fucked good

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Homemade fuck session with a creamy ending


I love this girl’s single-minded dedication to getting him off.  What a cutie!

Blowjob by a very cute girl with a great set of tits.  

Wedding Night—Follower Submission! Send in your videos, photos, and stories.

I smile at you as I pick you up, your dress billows up around us as you laugh and smile at me as I carry you into our new home in your wedding dress. I carry you up to the bedroom as you snuggle your head into my neck. I breathe in deep, smelling the fresh shampoo smell of my new wife’s hair. I set you on the bed and you giggle as I struggle with the buttons on your dress. I look at you lovingly as I finally get them all. You look up at me shyly as I get my first glance of your sexy wedding lingerie. Do you like it? You ask. I love it :) all lacy and white. You lay back and watch me with longing in your eyes as I slowly take off my tux. I strip to my boxers then lean down and gently kiss your belly. You shiver as my lips brush your stomach, then flutter all the way up to your breasts. I kiss between the two perfect peaks. I moan a little as I kiss the swell of your breasts for the first time. Your breathing gets a little faster as I undo your bra. I look at you lovingly as you lay there, my beautiful wife, starting our life together and about to make love for the first time. I kiss your neck. Then down to your breasts. I look you in the eyes as I take a nipple into my warm mouth. You moan as I gently suck. Please you whisper. I need you inside me baby. I move to your other nipple and do the same. You arch your back and squirm. I run my lips down your belly to the top of your panties. I take the top of the lace in my teeth and gently pull them down. Your smooth pouting pussy lips are in front of me. I gently bite the inside of your thigh. Then move up and lightly kiss the lips. Then run my tongue from the bottom of your slit to your clit. You moan my name as I softly suck on your clit. You start shaking as you cum. Baby I need you, you plead. I move up between your legs as you spread them open for me. I place the head of my cock between your lips and gently slide it up your slit. You beg me to put it in. I rub it between your wet lips. I find the opening and gently push in slowly. The head pops in. It goes in about an inch then hits your cherry. Baby, I look in your eyes, it may hurt. You look at me and smile. Just hurry babe. I need you. I hold you tight and thrust in a little hard. I feel resistance then slowly slide inside you, your velvet insides gripping and pulsing around me. I hold still as you hold me tight. You look at me and say, ok babe, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I smile and slowly pull out a little then push back in. You moan. I begin to move faster, thrusting in and out. You pull me down to you and kiss me hard. I push in and grind against your clit, you scream a little as you cum hard again. I move in and out more, thrusting faster. I kiss your neck, your breasts, your lips. Baby I’m close I groan. I suddenly push in hard, my cock pulses and throbs deep inside you, hot cum boiling up my shaft, flooding the inside of my new wife. I push in for all I’m worth as you scream and cum again, bucking up against me hard. I collapse on top of you and kiss you hard. I hold you tight and we smile at each other, knowing that our new baby might be on the way. :)

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